Ever since the early nineties, Stefan Rein dedicated his life to electronic music. At first he found himself comfortable in the field of hardcore-music. The opening of the underground Technoclub ''GERBEREI" in 1994 however turned out to be his personal key moment in terms of music.

>TECHNO WAS THE THING< and the basis for everything that was to come about the following years.

After being on the prowl for records in the many pertinent stores and through deepening friendships with like-minded people in the regional scene, his own party environment was created. Soon, many more were to follow...

One essential part in his career was starting to work as the co-operator of the EASYTRAXX-Recordstore as well as the GERBEREI in Schwerin, thus he formed a close friendship with his associate Ron Albrecht. They won't miss out on any fun when performing in a DJ-team known as " Brothers in Mind ", which has been brougt to life many years ago. Together they form a symbiotic unit with powerful energy that is within a grasp and an amazing sense of mutual sound.

When performing as a DJ, it is most important to Stefan Rein to enthrall the crowd with great musical standards. Sensible sound-buildups and then all hell is let loose long-lasting and intense.

After establishing a new territory with his company "newspeak-RAW" in 1999, the next big step for Stefan Rein was to launch his own record label PURE in 2013 and a little later together with his partner Ron Albrecht the associated sublabel PURE TRAXX. The releases are only available as limited editions and in vinyl.......watch out!