The diversity of the musical approach in the sets and productions of Clark Davis, born 1978in Berlin, serves since several years as a mirror of his development. Who influenced him? Was it AC/DC or his old friend ) very early began to organize underground parties, with the typical Detroit sound of that time, but in rather uncommon locations. Clark Davis was not a DJ but just a guest on these parties. These Parties might have been the reason why he bought his first own equipment and to try his first mixes at home. 

There was not much time for practice – he needed a lot of time for soccer and television as well. As an enthusiastic soccer player, he was playing in the First League youth team of the F.C St. Pauli until 2002. After he received an injury on his knee he unfortunately had to stop to play soccer. 

From now on, he could concentrate completely on his music. At this time he was just focusing on Djing and got his first experiences through several gigs in North-Germany. 

Diversification was always very important for him, whereas other Djs just play four-to-the-floor sounds, he combines plenty of styles like minimal, Detroit, House, Techno, Italo-Disco, Vocal House, Tech-House, Deep House and Chill Out. 

Due to his experiences within the last years and through a recommendation by his old friend with no name, he started his first productions in 2008. Soon he could celebrate his first results: a co-production with Mario G. was released on the netlabel Auflegware. His first solo productions was released on fach05 -VA – Treacle in 2008. In the future come the next productions on diffrent labels. (Fassade Records ,Enough!,3rdWaveMusic , Affin , Eintakt Records ).