Based in Bari (Italy), Kaiser is a DJ who starts making his first steps in 2007 by practicing on old turntables. Once he fell in love with techno music, he started building his own music studio in order to start creating his own music. 

Thanks to his productions he started collaborating with Luca Agnelli and his label "Etruria Beat". On this label he printed his first vinyl, which is a very melodic vinyl named "Medusa" (remixed by Dj Emerson and Mattias Fridell), supported and played by worldwide known artists.

After this vinyl he officially became part of the Etruria Beat Crew, and publishing a second vinyl for the label, named "Inside the circle" (remixed by Miss Sunshine, Urbano and Toms Due)

In the meantime he published (and also will) for labels such as Planet Rhythm, Flash Recordings, Quant, Kaputt and Labyrinth.

He played with many known artists, since he also was a resident Dj for a really great club in his country.

Moreover, in January 2015, Kaiser created "Vision", a brand new project that consists in a party once a month characterized by a very researched sound, in fact it is not that usual to listen to a sound from Roland 909, and minor chords- sevenths with strong reverberations, mixed in order to sound much more distorted and contaminated by bad industrial grooves. 

Nowadays he plays in great clubs of his country and also abroad and he is everyday working for new productions and most of all improving himself to reach new goals.