Luciano Esse created a Special Edition of our Tape Series. He recorded this Mix some days before the christmas holidays, featured the nine Tracks from our "Compilation One" plus three more Tracks by his own. We hope you like that one.


Depthon - Naked Truth
Sebastian Kommos - Initial
Kaiser - Rush Hour
Arnaud Le Texier - Bolton (Myk Derill’s Remix)
Mattias Fridell - Enkom Provokativ (Progression (UK) Remix)
Arnaud Le Texier - Bolton (Andre Kronert’s Eat My Snare Mix)
Luciano Esse - Pocket
Clark Davis - UR2x15
Stefan Tews - Mod 1 V
Luciano Esse - Black Stick
Luciano Esse - The Call
Luciano Esse - White Noise