Mario Berger is starring this edition of our Tape Series. 
he comes up with driven, passionated techno rooted deep in and around the hard wax orbit. Potsdam born Berliner Mario finally found his way from smaller hometown events over to Tresor and is now there a well known face. 
You can hear his path in this tape as well as in his several releases,check the tracks. Enjoy.

find out more about Mario:


Surgeon - The Power of Doubt (Dynamic Tension Records)
Neel - Re. Vox (Token)
SP-X - Lost On Arrival (Cleric Remix) (Projekts)
Reeko - Dusty Humans (Pole Group)
Dyad - Vortex (Tsunami Records)
LSD - Prpcess 3 (Ostgut Ton)
Reeko - Dog Bite (Pole Group)
Spherical Coordinates - SCBPA - 07 (Pole Group)
Exium - Nucleoid (Jonas Kopp Remix) (Pole Group)
Oscar Mulero - Color (Warm Up Recordings)
Dimi Angélis - Mind over Matter (Falling Ethics)
Alderaan - Statics (Weekend Circuit)
P.E.A.R.L. - Castaway (Oscar Mulero Remix) (Warm Up)
Binny - Devil's Orchestra (Tortured Orchestra)
PVS - Thanks For Being There (M_Rec Ltd)

 James Ruskin - Take Control (Surgeon Remake) (Blueprint)

Function - Montage (Edit) (A-Ton)