the 32nd installment of our Tape Series comes with a multifaceted mix from Myles Sergé.

The enigmatic Myles Sergé is a low flying techno producer, hard working label head and old school DJ, however he prefers the term ‘reclusive perfectionist’. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Myles experienced a temporary sojourn to the beachside of the the UK’s Brighton before relocating to Berlin. In some respects the American’s music bypasses the melodic classicalism of Detroit for a stripped-back European take on techno, though the mettlesome machine- funk of his raw style, and rough and ready prowess behind the decks, is never too far from the outer-regions of the US’ motorcity he calls home.

we hope you enjoy like we do.


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1. Stefan Weise - Existenzkrise - Credo White

2. Joefarr - Dedication (Emmanuel Remix) - ARTS

3. Cleome - The Final Experiment (Zener Brothers Remix) - Uncage

4. Xavier De Enciso - External - Unreleased

5. Stefan Weise - Nobody gives a fuck anyway - Calder City Development Corp.

6. Patrick Steger - Movements - Unreleased

7. Keepsakes - Gals In Camo - Haven

8. PHOT - Bellz - Plastic Rhythm Records

9. Vincent - Orbitus Descendi (Mike Derer Edit) - Northern Parallels 

10. The Advent - In Time (Brooklyn Edit) - Thema Recordings

11. Rune Bagge - Bathing In Bleach - Ownlife

12. Seph - Faceless - Aula Magna Records

13. Sole - Not a Dream, Just a Purpose - Of Paradise

14. Myles Sergé - The Indifferent One - Unreleased