the 34th edition of our series, the last for 2018. what a year...

Lee Holman is the DJ of this great mix. since the late ninties Lee is a well known DJ, Producer and Live Act with several releases and appearances around the globe.

you can hear this in that tape, enjoy like we do.

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01. Perseus Traxx | Simulacra [Distant Worlds]

02.Lee Holman | Breaking the Code [DMT]

03. Echologist | Marc03 |DE|MAR|CATION|

04.Patrick Walker | Proletariat [Ausgang]

05.Low Tape | A day of Electrical Revolution [Of Paradise]

06.Herzel | Forms [Uncanny Valley]

07.Gennady Ivanoff | Gedevaan Youth [Syberian]

08.Edge of Motion | Interlinked [Edge of Motion]

09.Black Merlin | Oba Enka [Mannequin]

10.Blue Hour | Meridian | Truncate Remix [Blue Hour]

11.Kaiser | Unrestricted [KSR]

12.Guilt | Cult Leader of my Youth [Medical]

13.Kaiser | Are you still here [KSR]

14.Guilt | Demiurge [Medical]

15.Edge of Motion | Monkey Bizz [Edge of Motion]

16.Julixo | Fucked Up Drummer [Knotweed]

17.Gonzalo MD | Rawndapt [DMT]

18.Julixo | Soulwave [Knotweed]

19.David Granha | Savala [Noir Music]

20.Edge of Motion | Infiltrator [Edge of Motion]

21.ABSL | Death by Water [Green Fetish]

22.Ghost in the Machine | Fire Drill [Perc Trax]

23.Emex - Marc03 |DE|MAR|CATION|